Remko the Healthy Chef

Remko the Healthy Chef Fruit & Veggies are the New Candies Concept: Elroy Klee & Niki Kits-Polman Photography and Styling: Niki Kits-Polman 3D illustration and Post Production: Elroy Klee Model @remko_the_healthy_chef Read More

Grolsch Kick Off event

GROLSCH KICK OFF EVENT A short animation for Royal Grolsch beer for there yearly Kick Off event. Read More

Filling Pieces

FILLING PIECES A serie of key visuals for Filling Pieces and Confetti Jeans. Read More


STORK 150 JAAR For STORK, a company in machinery, which exists 150 jaar I made a 30 mtr. tall wall. The wall has two separate illustrations which are combined to one. Read More


AMAZE Read More

Fresh Apple

FRESH APPLE Fresh Apple is a digital design studio. The digital athletes, as they call themself, are treated with some digital and graphic candy. I made different key visuals as well as their sport clothing. Read More

Marketing Tribune

MARKETING TRIBUNE Together with Bastian Lievers & Tim Blaney Davidson I created the June issue of the Marketing Tribune. Topic, the New Wave Cannes edition. Read More

Planet Freshness

PLANET FRESHNESS Planet Freshness combines multiple creative companies under one roof. This pieces covers a wall at their outer space nest. Read More

New York Ramblers

NEW YORK RAMBLERS New York Ramblers is the first organized openly gay/LGBTQ soccer club. For them I created a key visual based on there logo. Read More


UNIVERSAL ELECTRONICS UEI asked me to created a concept how to visualize their fully customized remote controls. Their remote controls basically contain of 8 important parts. These parts are the fundamental of the Building Block concept. Read More