Elroy Klee

ELROY KLEE This is who I am and what I do! Read More


ABSTRACT Typographic exploration in De Stijl movement, with basic visual elements such as geometric forms and primary colors. Together with talented intern Delano Klee Read More

Lee Towers

LEE TOWERS FOR JFK MAGAZINE For this serie of images for the Dutch JFK magazine I teamed up with the talented photographer Ruud Baan. Lee Towers is a famous dutch singer who HAILS FROM Rotterdam. The 3D illustration refers to his name and city. Read More


UNIVERSAL ELECTRONICS UEI asked me to created a concept how to visualize their fully customized remote controls. Their remote controls basically contain of 8 important parts. These parts are the fundamental of the Building Block concept. Read More

Arcon keyvisual

ARCON KEYVISUAL Handstand Consultancy asked me to created an keyvisual for their new identity. The keyvisual is based on the artwork Towers of Knowlegde of Rob Gonsalves. I created the 3D world and did the photoshoot art direction. Read More

Grolsch Movie

Grolsch keyvisuals Royal Grolsch asked me to created a serie of illustrations were the brand Grolsch is combined with movies. The developed keyvisuals contain typical elements like neon and film cans integrated in the typical Grolsch 'Beugel' bottle. Read More

Joop! Limited edition

Joop! limited edition fragrance Black King and Red King are two new limited editions of the popular Joop! Homme fragrance. Joop! Homme is part of COTY.  COTY, is an American beauty products manufacturer based in New York founded in Paris, France, by François Coty in 1904. Its main products are fragrances, color cosmetics and skin… Read More


Hooversitic West - East Hooveristic WEST-EAST is a series of experiments on architectural forms and shapes. Talented Omar Aqil from Pakistan and Elroy Klee from the Netherlands teamed up on this project with no boundaries. They tried to put some volume to enhance the physical appearance of architecture. The EAST and WEST illustrations are made… Read More