This inspiring, new collection is comprised of 3 different handmade samurai-style hooded Kimono coats.
Each boasting its own unique and individual details.
It’s traditional Japanese clothing reinterpreted with modern appeal.

Concept: Jeena van der Heul
Fashion designer: Mirjam Manusama
Styling: Mirjam Manusama
Mua: Milena Prieto
Art Directors: Elroy Klee, Jeena van der Heul
2D & 3D motion : Elroy Klee, The Oddone, Timo Roesink
Director: Jeena van der Heul, Blanksmablanksma
Photography: Blanksmablanksma
SFX and music: Soundsright
Models: Darcy Jonathans and Chuy Nguyen